Finding Balance in the Transition from School to Summer keep the brain and body active!

Prevent the “Summer Slide”
Better grades start in the summer

Although school is out for the year, studies show that the summer months can be a critical time to build on the foundation of the previous school year-and prepare for the year ahead. From summer reading to trips to the museum, there are tons of ways to inspire your child. View summer activities list here.
Stay Active
Mental & Physical health

Sign your children up for a summer sport such as swim team, tennis team, etc. Exercise is key to staying healthy. And, not only does this offer an opportunity for you to get some relaxation in, but also creates some structure that leaves once the school season ends.

Well-rounded diet
Eating right & drinking water

Work on making sure your kids are getting all the main food groups incorporated into their meals, as well as looking out for the amount of sugar intake. Striving for family meals can foster good eating habits and keeping hydrated can help to ensure you and your kids feel full! Keep in mind healthy eating doesn’t mean drastic changes or eating things you your kids don’t enjoy. Try reaching for the greek yogurt instead of the yoplait to cut down on sugar, or suggest some yogurt pops instead of ice cream for dessert next time (the peach ones are delicious)!

Sleeping Soundly
Consistency is key

Helping your kids maintain a consistent bed time and routine can give structure. This can allow for a smoother transition from school season to summertime and prevent those dreaded meltdowns!