Enjoying a Fuss- Free Family Vacation

Traveling can make supposed to be fun family times a little bit stressful- from forgetting important items to trying to entertain everyone on that long car trip or flight. To avoid the anxiety, try planning everything out beforehand; lay down the law for the kids and for yourself. Writing out a packing list and making an itinerary may take some time, but could save you and your family from a world of hurt while away from home. Tell the kids what you expect from them before you actually hit the road, and maybe plan out some rewards for their good behavior. Don’t forget to right down the good memories you make!

P.S. Cell phones usually have awesome ways to help remind you to do things! (e.g. “Reminders” on the iPhone)

Fostering Fun & Responsibility

With the end of the school year and the start of the summer comes a lot of free time. You start hearing your kids saying “I’m bored” a little too often. To relieve that sense of restlessness you might think about helping your kids find an interest in a hobby or certain activity. Encouraging them to seek out something they want to do not only cultivates a sense of individuality and responsibility but also gives you some time for yourself! So, encourage them to join the swim team, learn an instrument, pick up an art project or a tennis racquet, or even just start with helping them plan their day with some activities. Your local library also offers great opportunities for kids during the summer- make sure you check it out. Summertime doesn’t have to mean a lack of learning and leadership in your child’s life.