School is finally out and everyone is ready to have a good time. Books are out of sight and out of mind while vacations, the pool, and time with family and friends have come to the forefront. While good old summer fun can be enriching for the mind and body, we must remember to keep everything, even fun, in moderation. Moving Forward, PLC. is here to help you keep on track throughout the summer months.

Keep an active mind and body Keep a regular meal schedule Keep up with household rules
Without after-school sports and homework it becomes very tempting to sit and watch television all day. One or two days of this won’t hurt you too terribly, but an entire summer of television and computers is a waste. Sign your kids up for summer sports camps, they don’t have to be expensive or far away, but something that will get your kids outside to exercise. That should take care of the body, but what about the mind? Almost all public libraries have Summer Reading competitions. Have your kids sign up and pick out a book or two every week. The coupon book at the end will be rewarding for them and you can be at peace knowing their minds aren’t turning to mush. During the school year it is easy to keep to a regular three meals a day, but when our routines change so do our eating habits. Make sure that you and your kids are waking up at approximately the same time everyday in order to keep a fulfilling and healthy eating schedule (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Do your best to keep each meal at the same time everyday, with smart snacks in between if you’re hungry. This will keep your metabolism going, give you more energy, and make you less cranky throughout the day. Everyone wins! In the classroom kids must follow a strict regime everyday. Hopefully, you have also implemented a similar set of rules at home. If not, now is the time to start. Try not to give kids who have never had rules at home too many all at one time. For instance, a rule that is particularly important in every household is cleaning up after yourself. If this has never been the norm, start by asking your child to make sure his or her shoes are in the closet every night before bed. Then move on to larger tasks like doing the dishes. Try to program these chores into your child’s routine so they are more likely to remember to complete them.