As we move into 2014, it is important to reflect on the ups and the downs from the past year. We must focus on harnessing the “ups” and using the “downs” to keep moving forward in the right direction. Remember, learn from everything you do – good and bad. Moving Forward, PLC. is here to help you jump in the right direction as we dive into 2014!

Meditate to Success

The holidays have a special way of making you feel overwhelmed. Rather than pushing your body to go go go, slow it down and find an activity that relaxes you and puts your mind in a quiet place. This is the first step to taking those “downs” from the past year, thinking about what went wrong and focusing on the “ups” for the upcoming year. For instance, say you have had a really hard time this past year keeping dates when planning appointments and meetings.Take some time for yourself. Read a book. Go for a run. And after you feel less overwhelmed, grab a planner and stop sweating the small stuff.

Everyone is different and has a unique way to put their mind at ease. For some, yoga is the best option. For others, running, kick boxing.., or simply sitting on the floor alone and meditating works. Find what makes you most relaxed. One great strategy is laying down on the ground or carpet and focusing on relaxing each body part beginning at your toes to your head concentrating on each body part and doing deep breathing as you go. You can do this alone or with any family always does the trick for me.

Whatever works for you, taking your own moments to meditate and refocus is the key to a successful year with more “ups” and less “downs.”

Ring out the Old. Make Room for the New.

A new year calls for a clean slate. While Spring is traditionally the cleaning season, go ahead and donate some old clothes, redo a room or toss unnecessary items as the calendar turns. Go through a closet and make room for those presents you just received. You will feel yourself get lighter and instantly productive…progress you can see…and moving forward toward a life that is less encumbered and more productive.

While getting rid of physical clutter is important, it is also important to feel fresh in your workplace and family relationships. Clear the air with a co-worker or family member you haven’t been getting along with and start anew. Time is too precious to waste on anger and frustration – choose to start feeling unencumbered in 2014!