When you’re in the midst of balancing work, school and extracurriculars, it is easy to get overwhelmed. After all the holidays have come and gone and schedules have settled in, it is important not to wander from the plan you made when we jumped into 2014. Whether you need to get your last bit of work done so you can hit the gym or do your homework so you can make your piano lesson, keeping on your schedule is key. Moving Forward, PLC is here with some helpful tips to keep your eyes on the target even if you feel like time is flying out of control.

Watch the Time
Sometimes it’s difficult to focus on something that you are not keen on doing. On the flip side, it’s just as difficult stopping an activity that you are really enjoying to move on to something that doesn’t quite strike you. To make sure that you mark off everything on your to-do list and still have time for breaks and relaxation you have to watch your clock. Set a certain amount of time for each task and also a certain amount of time for relaxation. For instance, if you particularly avoid doing your laundry, take fifteen minutes and spend those fifteen minutes completely dedicated to doing your laundry. This will help you keep your focus and actually fully accomplish the task! On the other hand, if you are taking a break and reading a book or watching a television show, have a set time that you have to stop your relaxing activity and move on to another tick on your to-do list. You will feel so accomplished when your list is all done!

Launch Out the Door
Trying to get out the door is hard enough to organize without losing your keys and finding them fifteen minutes after you were suppose to leave. Running late makes not only the car ride and the event more stressful, but it exhausts you for the rest of the day. To keep your blood pressure down, try creating a “launch pad.” Your launch pad should be in a place that you pass before you leave the door, perhaps a corner of the kitchen or on a side table. It should include any pertinent items to getting out the door, like keys and wallet. Sit down and think about the things that hinder you getting out the door and add them to your launch pad. Encourage other family members to create one too! The key, however, is to make sure that when you return to the house you put those items right back in the launch pad. This will ensure a stress-free way out the door.