Summer is finally here! The office officially re-opened on June 8th and it was wonderful to see some of you face-to-face again! We continue to provide all clients with the option of conducting sessions via a virtual platform.
Read on to learn more about all of the exciting groups being offered at Moving Forward, PLC this Summer!
Got the Quarantine Blues?
While the world around is slowly re-opening, many of us continue to spend a great deal of time at home. Feeling isolated from friends and family can be very difficult. Here are some mindfulness and meditation exercises that can help!
Older Elementary Girls Group:
This group meets once a week on Mondays at 4:30. The focus is on social skills and connections. We always start the group with a greeting, then a share out, after that an activity and end with an onion and pearl (something that happened that was good and something that happened that was hard). This group meets virtually through zoom.
Elementary Boys Group:
We just started a boys group which meets on Wednesdays at 2:30. The focus of this group is social skills, which includes turn taking when playing a game or when talking, and learning about emotions through play. This group meets virtually through zoom. Click here to email Ali Meyer, LCSW, about this group
High School Girls Group:
This group meets once a week on Tuesdays at 5:00. This is a process group with a focus on anxiety and how to manage during the quarantine. It is also a group to help make connections. This group meets virtually through zoom.
Coming Soon!
Younger Girls Group
This group will focus on social skills, feelings, and connections. This will be a book club using the book “Me and My Feelings” by Vanessa Green Allen MEd, NBCT. There are exercises, quizzes, and tips. This group will meet virtually through zoom.