Teacher Tidbits, by High School teacher, Katie Cole

As students transition from the freedom of Summer back into the classroom, it is important to integrate Summer’s joy as they return to the structure of a long school day. Here are some tips to help your student ease into our school year:

Allow your student to pick their school supplies: A themed planner with stickers can get even the most apathetic teenager interested in writing down their assignments. I recommend students head to their local store and browse the school supplies, especially the all important planner, to see the best fits for them! Younger student? Get a large calendar for them to decorate with their activities! Keep this calendar in a prime spot for the family to see.

Complete homework outside: While our weather is warm and inviting, encourage your student to complete their homework outdoors, especially reading. Some time in the sun after a long day indoors will boost your child’s mood and keep them from some of the technological distractions.

Pack a healthy snack: Transitioning from a quick trip to the kitchen to scheduled school lunch times can be tough for students. It is hard to learn when your stomach is grumbling. Bring your student along for a grocery trip run where they get to choose the snacks that will fill their backpack.

Katie Cole is a High School teacher. She has spent the past five years teaching 9th and 11th grade English and US History in Arkansas, Georgia, and now has returned home to teach in DC.