As November moves along and we approach midterms, teachers have gotten a pretty good idea of where you student stands in the classroom. That means it’s parent-teacher conference time! Moving Forward PLC. is here to help get you through these rewarding and, yet, sometimes highly stressful meetings.

Working Together for your Student

First and foremost, you and your child’s teacher are on the same team – your child’s! You both want him or her to succeed and do well in class. Try and stay positive, even if there are issues your child is facing either behaviorally or academically in the classroom. There is always something that can be done! If the teacher seems to be focusing on negatives, see her side of the story and move on to finding the solution – again, keeping the conversation productive, progressive, and positive. If the teacher is pointing out specific problems in the classroom, ask him or her for tips, suggestions, or helpful materials that could get your student on the right track.

But, if you walk into the parent teacher conference and realize that your student’s behavioral or academic problems are leaving something to be desired – now is the time to act! Don’t wait until midterms are over, your child is not doing well, and there are only a few months or weeks left to pull up grades. Instead, gather as much information from teachers, discuss the issues with your children – making sure you have all angles of the story – and, if you determine that your student’s behavior or inability to focus are interfering with his or her academics, consult the school guidance counselor and/or Moving Forward PLC. Oftentimes anxiety is the cause and it is better to come for a few sessions and work it all out than to find your student stressed, upset, and doing poorly in classes after the holidays.

Social Skills groups are also starting here at Moving Forward PLC. that could prove helpful for your student. Currently, Moving Forward PLC. has a group for second and third graders which will begin in the coming weeks. If you are interested in your child joining a Social Skills group of any age, please contact Michele via phone or email.